Students seeking supplemental Library Resources are directed to the following sites

Physical Libraries

  Bibliothèques Municipales de Paris – (list of municipal libraries, searchable by arrondissement) with a photo I.D., student card, and proof of address students can apply to check out books for up to two weeks from most public libraries.

  Bpi - Bibliothèque publique d'information – at the Centre Pompidou (Beaubourg), has useful collections and easy access for students. Non-circulating.
  Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève – is the library of the Université de Paris I, across from the Panthéon, requires only a student ID, passport, and proof of address in France, to use this non-circulating collection.
  Bibliothèque Cujas – (Paris Law School) next to Sainte-Geneviève, is also open to students who need to see specialized collections.
  American Library of Paris – is an English-language library where students can purchase a short-term membership (four months, 45 euros).
  Bibliothèque Nationale de France – (site Tolbiac) for an annual fee of 15 euros, students can register at the to use the important collections of the Bibliothèque d'Etudes.
  BiFi – (Bibliothèque de Film)
  Bibliothèques Munies – (list of sponsored exhibitions and conferences at Paris libraries)
  CNAM – Arts and Crafts Library
  ENSAM – specialized in engineering and construction
  IRCAM – Media Library of the Pompidou Center
  Leonardo da Vinci University – Multimedia Library
  Library of the Port-Royal Society – Religious Art Library
  Mazarine Library – oldest public library in Fracne
  Pasteur Institute – sciences and medical research multimedia

University Libraries

  University of Paris I (Sorbonne) – Paris, France
  University of Paris 3 ( Sorbonne Nouvelle) – Paris, France
  University of Paris 8 (Vincennes-Saint-Denis) – Paris, France
  University of Paris 9 (Dauphine) – Paris , France
  University of Paris 10 (Nanterre) – Nanterre, France

Virtual Libraries

  UC Center Online Library Resources – should be your first stop for English language materials (links to CDL and especially JSTOR)

  French Cultural Services – (good portal site for online French texts, especially literary)
  The Internet Public Library – provides free access and 20,000 titles
  History Journals Guide – (online articles)
  The Encyclopedia Britannica – (a useful reference tool only available through the CDL)
  The Marxist Internet Archive – has extensive texts and commentary.
  Books-On-Line – (by UPenn) 62 mostly literary texts in English.
  Internet Archive – especially Project Gutenburg, contains much French material, in English.