Scholarship Funding

Alumni Association Scholarship Fund of UC Paris

The Paris-based Alumni Association of the University of California has generously created the UC Paris Scholarship Fund to provide grants for UC students wishing to undertake scholarly and creative projects while participating in their study abroad program in Paris .

There are two types of grants available:

  • Grants supporting scholarly research and creative projects
  • Travel grants for academically relevant travel

Scholarly research and creative projects : 100-200 € in funds are available in support of EAP students engaged in educationally valuable projects.


Academically related travel: 100-200€ in funds are available in support of educationally beneficial travel that is demonstrably related to students' EAP course work.


What we are looking for:

Scholarly research and creative projects : Applicants must describe specific ways that the funds will enhance the quality and success of their projects. Relevant travel costs may be included in their application budget. Awardees will be expected to submit a report detailing the results of their projects.

Academically Related Travel : Applicants must show that their travel is being undertaken in conjunction with their EAP course work or is a demonstrable outgrowth of their courses.

Application Deadlines

Applications for either of these grants may be submitted at any time during the 08-09 academic year. Please fill out the electronic application form on this site. Applications will be considered confidential documents. The funds will be disbursed in cash.

Conditions of Acceptance

All grant recipients will be required to send us a brief report (250-500 words) describing their use of the funds and the value of their grant in the EAP experience before completing their EAP program.